3Meters Wiring Harness Loom Kit for LED Work Light /Bar 12V/ 24V Use

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-Universal Harness kit with mouse style switch.

- Can wire a Off-road driving light,fog light,work light etc - DC12V 40A rated automotive relay

-Can be assembled with a DC 24V relay(not supplied)

- Blade fuse holder with replaceable 30A fuse

-Up to 3M of wiring, terminal ends on most wires

-On/off switch with adhesive tape backing for easy mounting

-100% Brand new .


-14VDC 40A switching relay

-Perfect for LED Bar Applications!

-Operating Voltage: 14V Amp: 40A Power Relay Fuse: 40A Blade Fuse.
New heavy duty wiring suitable for led work light,led light bar,HID and Halogen lights.

-UP TO 52 / 50 INCH LIGHT BARS OR 300 watts

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