Payments Method:

Cash (Only for pick up customers)

Epopts (Only for pick up customers)

Internet banking

Bank Deposit

Credit Card



Customers are welcome to pick up their purchase at our local physical store. Please do let us know in advance by phone, text, and or email. Presentation of valid photo ID might be required on pickup. A copy of person picking up's ID might be keep on record for security purpose


G.S.T. Tax Invoices

We are a registered company and will provide a G.S.T. tax invoice.

Receipts are not sent unless requested.




We cannot accept liability for goods damaged or lost in delivery however we would gladly help or offer advice within our ability, please do inform us of the incident immediately.

We process your order as soon as we receive and confirm your payment.


Tracking of Product

Track and trace are available on all parcels. We have been keeping records in order for our customers so that if there are concerns about their product being misplaced or not arrived during delivery, we have the relevant information to follow this up.


Privacy Policy

All information that is discussed with you, associated with your purchase such as prices and offerings will be kept in the strictest confidence. We will not provide your details to any other party, unless required by law.


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