200Amp Circuit Breaker Manual Reset Fuse holder

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This 200 amp circuit breaker prevents surge damage to your amperes, its unique button reset can act as a close switch, and you can save money to replace the fuse.
Manual reset ends the fuse fight, as well as the need to install more trouble.
Whether in terms of quality or use, our products can absolutely satisfy you, please feel free to buy.

1. Material: Plastic and metal.
2. Size: 3.2in (L) x 2.1in (W) x 1.5in (H) .
3. Voltage: 12-24V DC .
4. Work Temperature: -10°C to 50°C (14°F to 122°F).
5. Ampere range: 60A-200A for choose.
6. BAT for input wire, AUX for output wire.

Package include:
1x 200A Circuit Breaker Car Audio Inline Fuse

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