RGB Car Window Decorative Led Lights With Bluethooth

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  • LED light bar is similar to greedy snake shape design, with unique and fashionable appearance design, coupled with the magic streamer mode, it looks lively and energetic.
  • Remote control with smart APP download on your phone , DIY various modes you like, built-in music mode, change the rhythm of light through music, DIY your favorite fixed colorful mode, view the color of light through camera, adjust the brightness / speed of light, set delay on / off light, timed on / off light, and turn on / off light at any time.
  • It can change the brightness / speed, and can switch seven kinds of static monochrome transformation, one lamp with three colors static fixed, one lamp with seven colors static fixed, free light cycle switching, rainbow with seven colors streamer, seven color building blocks superimposed, flow from the middle to both sides, and flow from both sides to the middle.
  • The car neon light is suitable for vehicle rear window decoration, computer desk, hidden light, and holiday lights. It is perfect for most cars, including cars, SUV, station wagons, vans, etc.

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