Reverse Horn Back-up Alarm for Heavy-duty Engineering Vehicle 30W 112dB 12V-24V

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-Voltage spike and surge protection and anti dust, vibration, moisture.

-Produces a powerful beeping sound that is 112dB,helps warn when the vehicle is backing-up.

-Designed to work on 12-24 volt DC vehicles, automatically adjust to a voltage range of 12-24 volt engineering vehicle.

-Made from premium quality materials to ensure durability and longevity,perfectly work in a variety of temperature environments.


-Power: 30W

-3 sounds .

-Color: Black

-Decibel: 112dB

-Material: Plastic

-Current: 2.0-2.5A

-Voltage: 12V-24V DC

-Package Weight: 730g/25.7oz

-Dimension: Please check the photos to get dimension details .

-2 positive poles and 1 negative pole.

-Connect the positive and negative poles respectively, which can make two kinds of sounds.

-Connect two positive electrodes and one negative electrode at the same time to make third kind of sound.

***Package List:
-1* Reverse Horn
-3* Connecting Cable

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