New 6 Way Blade Fuse Box Holder with LED Light Damp-Proof Block

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this fuse holder meets all the standards of an Perfect fuse box.
It is mechanically strong, insulated, heat resistant and flame resistant.
There will never be any issue like produce fracture, deformation, combustion or short circuit phenomenon.


-LED Warning Indicator: Red LED warning light will light up

-immediately when the corresponding fuse is blown. It is both safe and easy for you to check and replace the blown fuse.

-Appliance Name Labels: Bonus electric device name labels are provided. You can quickly identify which appliance is going wrong.
Fit for: autos, cars, buses, subways, airplanes, boats, ships, yacht, campers etc.

-Come with clear PC cover, splash and dust-proof design. Better not put where it can get wet.

-With black push latch system, easy to open the cover by pressing it.
Fuse Protection Cover: A neat clip-on plastic cover that adds extra protection to your fuse box & fuses.

-Function: easily identify and replace blown fuses immediately.

-Accepting fuse: Standard blade fuse (ATO / ATC)

-Quantity of circuits / fuse slots: 6

-Positive connection: M5 stud (5mm bolt)

-Output connections: Screw terminals

-Current rating per circuit / fuse: 30 amp (Max.)

-Current rating per box: 100 amp (Max.)

-Volt rating: 32V DC (Max.)

-Indicator color: Red

-Input Wire Specification: # 4-6 AWG

-Output wire specification: # 12-16 AWG

-colour: Black

-Material: PBT

-size: 2.8in*3.3in*1.4in /70mm*85mm*35mm

-Package Contents:
1 x 6-Way Blade Fuse Box Holder
1 x Appliance Name Labels
4 x 20A Fuse
4 x 15A Fuse
2 x 10A Fuse
2 x 5A Fuse
4 x Screws

Please feel free to ask more questions!
Pick up from East Tamaki, Auckland.

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