25CM Shift Knob Samurai Sword Gear Shifter /Gear Knob

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This listing is for 1 set of brand new 25CM Samurai Sword Gear Shifter /Gear Knob with 4 Adapters.

***Details :

-Unique style: Sword shift knob is exquisite, clear and exquisite Design, class Japanese braided pattern, makes your car unique and impressive.

-Material: Alloy+Synthetic silk+Imitative rayskin.

-Dimension : Whole Length : 25cm, handle length: 20cm.( Please check the photo to get dimension details )

-Color : Black , Red , Blue (When you purchase, please choose color, or your order will be pending )

-Package Include: 1Shift Knob,, 4Adapters(8 mm/9.5 mm/10 mm/12 mm) , 6Screws, 1Hex Key.

-Please feel free to ask more questions .

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